2nd entry of my blog a.k.a Last entry of 2008 huhu

I'm writing this entry at 2358hrs of 31st December 2008; 1 more year WILL go by. To recap 2008 was quite a good year. At least I think I have matured more in being a man, husband and father. Got to go and catch the fireworks. Happy New Year!!

1st entry

My 1st atempt to blogging. I don't know whether I'll make it through the week let alone a month. But since new year is just around the corner I thought why not, let's take up something new. Actually it was my wife who started to blog earlier and to be honest I do enjoyed following her blog. Yes, she surely brags if she reads this.Anyways I can really see the advantages of having a blog. It's like an online diary, I've hopped onto a few blogs and their entries traced back to 1998. Thats 10years of memories man. Just picture your sons or daughters browsing through your life's journey. That's kind of cool..So why not..Welcome me to the world of blogging...

A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click